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“The best dental surgery I have used by far. No waiting for appointments, brilliant staff. My dentist is absolutely brilliant and so is the nurse.”

“Good facilities, friendly staff and good service”

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Zoom! Home Whitening

From just £255!

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At Smileright Barbican and Smileright Waterloo with our IMPLANT TEAM!

Dr Maria Malandreni DDS,MFDS RCSEd , MClinDent Oral Surgery UCL (Eng) and Dr Pedram Negahban DDS MJDF RCS (Eng), DipImpDent RCS (Eng)

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Wedding Day Smile Makeovers

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and the day when you will be smiling the most.

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0% Finance

Spread the cost of dental treatment with our interest free credit payment plans.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Our aim at Smileright™ is to ensure that after a visit to our dental clinic you will leave with a bright healthy smile that fills you with confidence.

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Hygiene Treatments

We are committed and passionate about making you smile and to enable you to smile with confidence.

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Featured Services

Conventional metal braces

Made from stainless steel Traditional braces are designed to correct the bite as well as straighten teeth.

Ceramic braces and advanced ceramic brackets (Clarity)

Straighten your teeth and provide a subtler treatment. They more closely match your enamel colour.

3Ddimensional appliances (expanders and space maintainers) Habit appliances

3Ddimensional appliances (expanders and space maintainers) Habit appliances

Carriere motion

Appliances for simplifying the nonextraction treatments.

Fastbraces (metal and Clear)

Fastbraces® offers the state of the art performance with multiple advantages to moving teeth compared to all the other systems It is a uniquely complete ,non-extraction system for most of the orthodontic problems,which provides patients amazingly outstanding results in such a short period of time!


Cosmetic cases can be completed in just weeks while comprehensive ortho cases can be completed in months.


For Fast,Safe,Affordable ,Painless treatment times which range from 3months to a year!

For more information:

fastbraces before and after

Aesthetic (Ice) braces

Works well with INSIGNIA interactive  system of software and is especially designed to offer to each one of the patients specific brackets for a tailor-made  smile providing even to the most complicated cases exceptional results…
INSIGNIA   ADVANCED SMILE DESIGN: start with a vision of the THE RESULT in mind !

For more information:

www.insigniasmile.comtwo logos

Self Ligating braces: Damon System

Damon System   and Damon Clear   FOR A BEAUTIFUL SMILE AT ANY AGE…

Damon Clear also works well exceptionally with Insignia 3D interactive custom appliance system for a tailor made smile to meet your needs while achieving the optimal-end result!

A truly customized approach to a fast, comfortable and precise orthodontic treatment   taking the facial aesthetics one step even further by providing not only noticeable changes to your smile but also better facial balance for a youthful look.

Damon System(metal or tooth colour fixed braces) is not just about revolutionary braces and wires, it’s a whole new way of treating patients.

Damon smiles are full, natural 10-tooth smiles achieved with light biologically-sensible forces, and are specifically designed to improve the overall facial aesthetics.


With Damon Clear, you’ll benefit from fast, comfortable braces that are virtually invisible during treatment. Damon Clear braces are more discrete and resistant to staining and
discoloration all throughout treatment.

And while invisible aligners can be effective at straightening some crooked teeth, not everyone is a candidate. In contrast, Damon Clear works 24 hours a day, seven days a week to perfectly align ALL teeth for a phenomenal smile that enhances your entire facial appearance. Another benefit: No need to worry about lost, misplaced or forgotten clear aligners, so you get in and out of treatment quickly.

Damon’s System combination with INSIGNIA ADVANCED SMILE DESIGN extraordinary benefits:

  • braces are small,comfortable ,fast and easy to keep clean.
  • Minimally invasive treatment approach which with the use of biologically accepted forces and the body’s adaptive processes create space naturally minimazing by this way the possibility of extractions
  • The patient benefits from straight teeth ,broader tailor made smile and improved facial balance and aesthetics-BRACELIFT

For more information:


Self Ligating braces: In-Ovation R & C clear

in ovation rIn-Ovation R:

In-Ovation R with a special  totally free-sliding technology, with little to almost no pressure placed on teeth as they are gently guided into place. With In-Ovation system braces, achieving a beautiful, healthy smile is fast, efficient and comfortable…an altogether highly attractive process.

The special patient-friendly design guarantees  that you spend less time in the  dental chair, experience less or minimum discomfort and need definitely fewer orthodontic  appointments than with older style braces.

In-Ovation C

inovationCThis self-ligating aesthetic bracket system  create less friction  than traditional braces which allows for smoother ,more comfortable movement also offers a comparably  high strength and performance  to traditional  metal fixed braces  meaning that they can cope and adjust   with any tooth movement  of your teeth,unlike older types of ceramic braces  which are prone  to  the possibility of  fracturing under pressure.

Lingual Braces

 What Are The Advantages Of Lingual Braces?

One of the biggest reasons why many people prefer lingual braces to conventional braces lies in the fact that they are simply more comfortable to wear, not to mention that the lack of ties and the fact that they are placed behind the teeth makes them virtually invisible.You will also spend less time at your Orthodontist when you visit for an adjustment since the procedure is much quicker without the all those ties.

Are Lingual Braces A Good Idea For An Adult and Teens?

Adults choose to wear braces for two main reasons: to straighten their crooked teeth and to prevent potential problems with their teeth in the future. Crooked teeth encourage teeth decay as well as problems such as headaches and earaches due to uneven pressure applied on the jaw during chewing. If you are an adult who is conscious about our teeth, then lingual braces would be perfect for you.

Win lingual braces

You can now show your RIGHT WINning SMILE ….and NOT your brace!!

The Next generation of lingual braces are now straightening teeth faster and more discreetly than ever before

Visible Benefits:win

  • predictable results
  • suitable for all ages
  • extremely flat design=improved comfort
  • the individual bracket body is perfectly adapted to the tooth shape
  • the individual arch wires are bent by computer assisted bending robots
  • for simple to complex cases
  • precision manufacturing=German engineering

Download our Brochure for Adults

 Download our Brochure for Adolescents
no trace mtal

Social Six Lingual Braces Options

  •  Lingual aesthetic braces (Phantom)
  • Lingual self ligating braces (No Trace, STB6)

Phantom  Clear Lingual Self-Ligating Bracket

 Why a transparent lingual bracket?

  • No dark shades from brackets visible through teeth
  • Truly esthetic – also on lower teeth
  • Self-ligating,less treatment time
  • Great patient comfort from protective polymer closing door

lingual braces

No Trace metal

Self ligating lingual braces for patients who have mild or moderate orthodontic problems.This treatment is ideal for whoever wants to improve the aestheticof their smile without the worry of wearing highly visible braces. Social 6 lingual braces for limited treatment of the front teeth that show when you smile.

Patient Benefits:
no trace mtal

  • Absolutely invisible.Small and comfortable to wear
  • Begins treatment just one hour after placement
  • Achieves results often in a matter of weeks
  • The patient makes fewer visits to the orthodontist


logo_tagline_color_cmyk_medA straight forward system for straighter teeth and winning smiles…
Comfortable, clear, removable nearly invisible series of aligners’ custom made to your teeth for extra comfort achieving the new smile which changes your life!

  • Invisalign – dual arch
  • Invisalign – single arch
  • Invisalign Go

For more information, visit: www.invisalign.co.uk

Fast track orthodontic treatment with the special devices

acceledentAcceledent designed to speed up your treatment, allowing your braces to be removed sooner to reveal your wonderfully straight teeth!
“Special Cyclic loading (vibration) device which has proven clinically that contributes and accelerates in a safe and gentle way the orthodontic tooth movement up to 50% in patients wearing different types of conventional,self ligating ,lingual braces or Invisalign aligners! allowing your braces to be removed sooner to reveal your wonderfully straight teeth!”

For more information, visit: http://acceledent.co.uk/

Smile Right Personalised Orthodontic Treatment

On a case by case Our Orthodontist not only presents you / each patient with your / their treatment options, but also advise you on how to achieve the most economical, least invasive, and shortest treatment plan for achieving the best possible desired and permanent results!